Thursday, April 30, 2009

Doctor's Appointment...Kind Of

Franklin turned 2 weeks old yesterday! Good Lord, time is already flying by!

Well, apparently our appointment that we had yesterday had been miscommunicated to us and is actually for next week. We had to be there for his PKU anyway so it was only a tiny frustration. He did well for his PKU; he barely made a fuss when she stuck his heel.

He's getting better about riding in the carseat. I think as he gets more head control it will continue to get easier. I'm pretty sure he gets carsick, though. It's not surprising because both of his parents did as children (and do as adults).

Mom had an appointment with her doctor (who used to be in the Family Practice at the hospital where I delivered) and we had him give Franky the once over while we were there. He said that everything is totally fine. Still not sure how much he weighs (I know somewhere north of 8lbs because I've held him while standing on the scale) but I'm not worried. He still eats frequently :) The number of times he eats have decreased as he's gotten a lot better at nursing. So, he eats for longer periods of time because he knows a little more about what he's doing and has better control over his muscles. But, yay!

I did get chastised about not vaccinating, though. I knew that was going to happen. I know I'm not going to find a doctor that is 100% okay with our decision, and I accept that. I'll just be better prepared to defend myself next time. (I'm working on lack of sleep and my brain is not working so I felt like a deer in the headlights)

I'll try to keep this updated more often (if nothing else, with pictures!) Honestly, though, we don't do much but sit around and chill most of the day. I watch sitcoms and shows I DVR and Franklin eats and sleeps. I've started reading a little bit more (more than not at all basically) but I'm finding that I can only do it in short bursts because I get's odd for me.

No new pictures today (sorry!!!) Hopefully I'll have some tomorrow (or whenever I update again!)

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  1. Does nursing still hurt as much as it did? Or is it more that it is uncomfortable rather than hurting?

    Babies are a ways off for us, but we're already thinking of these kind of things.



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