Saturday, May 30, 2009


Finally! I can write this!

There are numerous benefits to breastfeeding: names a few!

Some of my best advice came from here:

A few things that normally come up

Pain - Yes, it is painful when you start. Not only are your nipples sensitive from hormones, but they're doing something they aren't used to doing! A problem means pain, but pain doesn't always mean a problem. It took about 3 weeks for the pain to go away for me. That's not on the side with the cracked nipple...

Injury - Another thing that happens, but is treatable! We had trouble latching on the right side and I developed a crack in my nipple. A week of pumping on that side (the pain was toe curling and I couldn't nurse) and offering a bottle, neosporin, and lanolin and I healed up. It's kind of cracked again, but I can handle it this time so we're still nursing.

Latch - Learn what a good latch is BEFORE you give birth. Yes, there are people at the hospital that can help...but if you get a nurse like my night nurse (I felt more educated about BFing) you'll be glad you were well informed.

When to start - IMMEDIATELY AFTER BIRTH! Even if he isn't strong enough or awake enough to really suck, trying helps! Relationship needs to be developed ASAP and this helps. As soon as they're done with the evaluations you need to try nursing again. Don't be discouraged if he "doesn't get anything" because that's not true. During this time you produce colostrum which is more nutrient dense than breastmilk. As my day nurse told me "A tablespoon of your breastmilk right now has more nutrition than an entire bottle of formula." It can take several days for your breastmilk to come in (not in my case, I was engorged on day two)

Watch the baby NOT the clock. Some will tell you to feed every 2 hours (my night nurse for example) Your baby will wake up to eat! You shouldn't have to wake him up... unless it's several days later and he's going 4+ hours without eating...then wake him. DO NOT try to "develop a schedule" or "train" your child. (Stay away from Babywise books!!!) He may want to eat every 20mins or every 2 hours. He knows best! The first few weeks are hard because he'll probably eat constantly. As long as he's dirtying plenty of diapers there is nothing wrong with your supply. I had a similar issue early on. He eats like that to boost your supply (usually happens during a growth spurt) It's hard, but stick it out.

Hmm....any questions? I'll answer them in the next note.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Every Mom Needs To Know...

This list will probably be never ending! I have, however, come up with a few things that every mom needs to know...

1) Gripe Water : You can buy it at the pharmacy. It's basically ginger and fennel based (it also has sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, in it) . It's used for stomach problems like gas, hiccups, colic, etc... I got it for Franklin because he gets hiccups pretty bad. It works WONDERS. Half the time I only have to use a half "dose" for him and the hiccups are gone in minutes. Also, when he gets gassy or when his tummy gets upset it helps it settle. It's amazing and I recommend it 110%!

2) Maalox and Aquaphor : Mix the two together in equal parts and use on diaper rash/irritation. How? A lot of diaper irritation is because of acids in whatever mommy/baby are eating. Maalox negates the acid and Aquaphor is healing for skin irritation. Aquaphor is also great for cracked/irritated skin during breastfeeding (And, according to Hayley, great for tattoo care)

3) Cornstarch : If the diaper irritation is caused by being wet frequently this is great. I know the first several days of Franklin's life we were constantly changing his diaper and, therefore, he was wet frequently and his skin was irritated from always being wiped. Cornstarch helped out!

4) Nursing pads : Whether you nurse or not you will lactate! When the baby cries your breasts will leak (at least, at first). When you get engorged your breasts will leak. If you're nursing on one side and the baby bumps the other side it will leak. Sometimes nursing one side will cause the other one to leak. You will WANT to wear a nursing pad or you'll be changing clothes all the time.

Crap, I know there's more but I have baby brain (yes, it lingers) and I can't remember. More later, I guess. If you have questions I can answer them in later posts!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Next week I'm going to do posts on:

1) A few checklist items for every new mom to have!

2) Breastfeeding (the ups and downs and everything in between...possibly even list the benefits)

As well as other fun updates!

Stay tuned

Friday, May 1, 2009


This kid has long toes (like his parents) and really big feet. I'm thinking he's going to be tall... Of course, they said that about me and look at how I turned out!

He's so precious when he sleeps! He did that a lot today because he was up most of the night. He's having another growth spurt so he eats ALL THE TIME!!!

This was right after he'd eaten. I laid him back on his nursing pillow (he enjoys sleeping on it like this) and he threw his hands up and sighed really big. He was QUITE satisfied! :)


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