Thursday, May 7, 2009

Every Mom Needs To Know...

This list will probably be never ending! I have, however, come up with a few things that every mom needs to know...

1) Gripe Water : You can buy it at the pharmacy. It's basically ginger and fennel based (it also has sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, in it) . It's used for stomach problems like gas, hiccups, colic, etc... I got it for Franklin because he gets hiccups pretty bad. It works WONDERS. Half the time I only have to use a half "dose" for him and the hiccups are gone in minutes. Also, when he gets gassy or when his tummy gets upset it helps it settle. It's amazing and I recommend it 110%!

2) Maalox and Aquaphor : Mix the two together in equal parts and use on diaper rash/irritation. How? A lot of diaper irritation is because of acids in whatever mommy/baby are eating. Maalox negates the acid and Aquaphor is healing for skin irritation. Aquaphor is also great for cracked/irritated skin during breastfeeding (And, according to Hayley, great for tattoo care)

3) Cornstarch : If the diaper irritation is caused by being wet frequently this is great. I know the first several days of Franklin's life we were constantly changing his diaper and, therefore, he was wet frequently and his skin was irritated from always being wiped. Cornstarch helped out!

4) Nursing pads : Whether you nurse or not you will lactate! When the baby cries your breasts will leak (at least, at first). When you get engorged your breasts will leak. If you're nursing on one side and the baby bumps the other side it will leak. Sometimes nursing one side will cause the other one to leak. You will WANT to wear a nursing pad or you'll be changing clothes all the time.

Crap, I know there's more but I have baby brain (yes, it lingers) and I can't remember. More later, I guess. If you have questions I can answer them in later posts!

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