Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is it really that early?


I've been up for an hour (since 7am) and my friends tell me that's early...*shrug*

Okay, I've been lazy the past few days because I've been sick. It's hard to want to do anything when you've been unable to sleep because your body has this stupid need to cough up a vocal chord. Add in waking up unable to breathe. I think my body is trying to kill me. We shall see.

We got MORE furniture! A computer desk (Yay! We've been using one of those cheap Walmart things. This new one has DRAWERS) and a filing cabinet. I'm SO excited. Now I have storage space. I've been shoving things into the closet...

That means that today I need to clean up. So, I'm making a list (because I do much better when I can physically mark things off) I challenge you to do some of the stuff on my list.

- Dishes

- Wipe down kitchen (waist up clean)

- FINISH LAUNDRY (this one has been on here for a week)

- Wash sheets

- Wash diapers

- Pick up Master Bedroom

- Vacuum said bedroom

- Vacuum living room before moving new furniture into place

- General declutter

- Clean Master Bath

- Quick wipe Guest Bath

- Dust (I noticed I can write my name in the master bedroom...not good)

- Clean kitchen floor

Whew. I think I covered the whole house...

I'll probably get started around 9am...I need my coffee to kick in first!


  1. I love a list!!! Your house list is almost identical to mine. Add in my work list and my list of things to get done that don't include cleaning..and I might be considered a list addict. I even make a list to remember what I wanted to look up in the internet today....

  2. I can't get anything done right without a list! I always make them when I pack or else I forget things!



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