Monday, February 1, 2010

LOVE your house this February!

Okay, here's my idea. One step at a time, one day at a time, I'll use this blog to help myself, and my readers, to LOVE our homes. Together, we can Let Ourselves Value Everything. (I'm working on my acronym...ideas are welcome)

Don't balk at the idea of having a "task" each day! It will be something easy. (Psh, like I could do something complicated with MY son? HA)

Let's get started!

Feb 1st and Step One: Move Something (see, I told you it was easy) 

Seriously, right now, get up and go move SOMETHING. That candle that just sits on that table in your living room? Wouldn't it look great on the dining room table during dinner? (If you're feeling especially productive maybe move several candles) That poster/photo that never looked quite right on that wall? Try another spot. Move the couch to a different spot in the room. Take those bolster pillows out of the bedroom (do you really use those?) and put them on the couch.

Try it!


  1. Plant from upstairs (where we hardly spend any time and certainly don't pay any attention to it!) to the desk downstairs. :)

  2. I moved my table a while ago. :)



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