Saturday, February 27, 2010

So baby I hope that you came prepared; I run a tight ship, so beware

That's right. I used a Britney Spears lyric as the title. What of it?

Today was a family day so I got NOTHING done (well, dishes...but whatever)

Tomorrow, however, I'm hitting the ground running.

This is my MUST DO list:

- Pre-pack (we're going out of state this week)

- Shopping

- Laundry

- Load of diapers

- Vacuum Pantry Cupboards (dead ants)

- General pickup and wipedown

- Vacuum Master Bedroom

- Wash sheets

- Stefan study

- Take out trash and empty boxes 

Not so bad, right? Well, my Moxie Inspiration updated with a room by room list! Oh dear Lord help us all. :)

Plan of attack: Just GO and get things done and then bust butt at home. What's on your list?

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