Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday To Do

But first, a public service announcement...
If you make Empanadas (meat in pie dough...SO GOOD) do not use Phyllo Dough. You might think, "It's pastry dough, close enough." You'd be wrong. It has the consistency of tissue paper. This does not go away with preparation. Once cooked it either feels like regular paper or wet paper. Not cool.

Okay, now that you know I bombed dinner last night :) we can get to the list for the day.

- small laundry (just a few things I want to pack)

- Clean guest bath (because I didn't do it yesterday)

- Pack (for real this time)

- Diapers

- Dishes

- Fold clean laundry

- Put away laundry!

- Shave (yes, this has to be put on a list)

- Kitchen

- Wipe 5 surfaces with a disinfectant cloth

Such is my day and then we're OFF ON VACATION SUCKERS!!!

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