Monday, May 10, 2010

10th Meal MAYhem

Tonight's dinner: Fried Tilapia.

This is another favorite of mine. It's quick and easy to make and tastes oh so good.

First, you're going to want to heat oil in a large pan. It can be vegetable oil or, like we use, peanut oil. You want just enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan and then a small splash more. You know it's hot enough when you toss a sprinkle of flour and it actively sizzles.

Next, in a small bowl, beat an egg. You can add a splash of milk if you want, but it's not necessary.
Pictured: Egg

Next step is to make up your breading. This is a bit of a secret. I like the crunch of breadcrumbs but they don't stick very well when pan frying. So, I add flour! I used about 1/2c of breadcrumbs and a 1/4c of flour. Season with whatever you like. (I used garlic, salt, and Old Bay) Note: You want it to taste a bit OVER seasoned  because you'll lose a lot of it in the frying process.
Seasoned and ready to go!

Your oil should be pretty warm by now so go ahead and dip the fish in the egg and then the breading. Make sure and coat it pretty heavily.
  See how the oil doesn't cover the fish?

Another note: This fish is fragile. It only takes about 4mins a side (max) to cook all the way. You only want to have to flip it ONCE!

  Doesn't that look amazing? Such a pretty brown color!

This is a versatile food. My husband had macaroni and cheese with his. I chose potatoes and green beans. You can do whatever sounds good to you.

These were my potatoes pre-oven. Drizzle with olive oil and season with garlic, salt, and red pepper flakes. I baked them for 10mins and then broiled for 10mins (I was impatient)

My finished plate. SO GOOD!!!

There are no changes to be made to make this dairy free! 

So...I noticed that my blog counter is going up but only a couple of people post comments. I LOVE to hear from you guys! If you make a dish that you've seen here let me know! And if you have a modification that makes it even better I want to know that too!  I want to know what you guys are eating!


  1. i notice you fry a lot of stuff - is that so healthy?

  2. Well, we use peanut oil so it's not SO bad...but no, probably not so healthy. However, it's good...And I really don't fry THAT often; sometimes the "fried meals" tend to clump together.



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