Wednesday, May 12, 2010

11th Meal MAYhem

Tonight's Dinner: Chicken Fried Steak (yes, Dani, another meal with "fried" in it! lol)

I didn't get this one to work like I usually can....but it was good nonetheless.

First you cut potatoes into chunks and put them in water to boil. They're ready when you can spear them with a fork (soft).

Normally my steaks don't look as...dead. ALL of my breading stuck to the pan and came off. 

I promised I'd teach you gravy.  

 Step one is to drain off pretty much all of the oil/grease. Then, carefully sprinkle flour in the pan. The amount of flour you use depends on how much gravy you want. Stir it up.

 I add chicken stock (homemade of course) and stir it up. I also added a splash of milk. 

 Just keep stirring and adding flour or broth until you get the consistency you want.

If your gravy is a huge failure the first few times just keep trying. It takes PRACTICE.

I added butter and milk to the potatoes.



  1. this meal is totally not kosher LOL

  2. It's cube steak! So...beef. And the milk is not necessary.

  3. so why the word chicken in it? LOL

  4. It's the way it's prepared. "chicken fried"....

  5. what does that mean? you didnt really include how you prepared it...

  6. OMG You're right. I'm sorry! I'm spacy this morning.

    Pan fried in a bit of people fry chicken. (hence the name lol)



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