Thursday, May 13, 2010

12th Meal MAYhem

Another throw together meal I made up! Sausage and Potato

You'll need:
- potatoes (one if it's just you)
- link sausage (amount depends on how much you like sausage)
- onion finely chopped if you want
- any other veggies you want to add
- salt (lightly)
- pepper (black, white, OR cayenne)
- garlic powder

Basically, you chop everything up and cook in a pan. Cook the potatoes first (VERY LITTLE OIL) if you buy your sausage pre-cooked. Season everything to taste (be careful with the spicy because it will sneak up on you!)

Potatoes. Secret: If you cook with a lid it cooks better because the heat gets trapped and cooks on both sides!

 Sausage added. 

 Very important!!! DRAIN IT! The sausage will leech a lot of fat.

 See? BLECH!

I dont' do it but I bet this would be great with cheese on top...

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