Wednesday, May 19, 2010

19th Meal MAYhem

We're back!

Tonight's dinner is one I got from the label of the Tomato Sauce Can! It's called Lasagna Sausage Rolls. (Sorry in advance for poor photo quality...I'm using my cell phone)

You need:
- Italian sausage (sweet or spicy is your choice)
- Lasagna noodles
- Either 2 cans of tomato sauce OR one tomato sauce and one can of tomatoes
- Italian seasoning of some kind...I used oregano
- Cheese if you want

Cook the noodles to package directions.

Cook the sausage. Now, you can slice them in half and cook them like that or cook them whole...just make sure you have a noodle for each piece of sausage.

After draining the noodles and pulling the cooked sausage out (and draining the pan) let everything cool enough to handle.

Now, wrap a noodle around each link and place it back in the pan.

Cover it with your tomato products.

Heat everything through and serve!

And if you're serving a 13 month old make sure you have a rag handy!

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