Sunday, May 2, 2010

2nd Meal MAYhem

Tonight's dinner:

Pesto Tilapia

I know that there's evidence for Tilapia being bad...but it's cheap and I'm known to cook with bacon grease so...

Anyway, this is one of those really easy recipes.

You can use the Knorr brand Pesto mix or you can make your own. (If you're avoiding dairy you should make your own! The normal recipes call for Parmesan Cheese) I won't include a pesto recipe because I have yet to find one that I LOVE and can approve. If you use Google and search for "pesto recipes" you'll find plenty.

Preheat your oven for about 375F.

Tilapia fillets waiting for their pesto.

Pesto has been applied.

Special Note: If your pesto sauce is thinner you can marinate the fillets in it for an hour before cooking!

Cook for about 25 minutes...basically until it flakes easily with a fork.

Total dinner: Tilapia, corn, rice

  My husband said Franklin got his turn in the photos last night. So, this is Stefan enjoying dinner!

See, simple! 


  1. I like! And I love that Stefan wanted a turn in the pics haha!

    You probably know this, but corn is not a pure vegetable. It's an easy vegetable, so I totally get why you choose it. But its also a grain, and so you kind of have a lot of starches...(that said, i LOVE corn)

  2. oh and, what's wrong with tilapia? Just curious.

  3. Yeah, I know corn is super starchy...but it's SO GOOD with anything pesto related. And, like you said, it's easy and most people enjoy it.
    If you google "tilapia is bad" you'll get a bunch of info on how it's full of bad fats.

  4. ill check it out. Im not a big fish eater in general. I like tuna and gefilte fish (which isn't a pure fish). I'll eat salmon on rare occassions (though I really like these salmon burgers my sister in law makes and i need to get the recipe from her)



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