Tuesday, May 4, 2010

4th Meal MAYhem

Tonight's dinner is a favorite around here: Chorizo, Egg, and Bean Tacos.

Chorizo is a Mexican sausage usually made with pork. Fear not, my kosher friends, it does come in beef as well! Be sure and READ THE INGREDIENTS when purchasing chorizo. Some brands have salivary glands in them and these are things you do NOT want!

The instructions are pretty simple:

Cook Chorizo. It comes in "links" that you peel the casing off of and break up. 

Cook beans. You can buy them already refried; buy a can of pinto beans, cook through, and then mash; or do like I did and cook the beans in a crock pot and treat like the canned beans.

Scramble up the eggs. The recommended amount is two eggs per "link" of chorizo.

Mix the eggs with the cooked chorizo and cook through.

Then make your taco. We like it with ketchup, but plain is good too. Also, it's good with tortilla chips...

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