Thursday, May 20, 2010

How To: Break Some Rules?

I came across this on FoxNews. It's a brief article on How To Conceal and Office Romance.

Is this innocent advice? I mean, the article itself states that "...sometimes emotions — and hormones — get the best of you" and "While an office romance is a very common occurrence and not quite as taboo as it once was..."  

But aren't most office romances, I don't know, against the rules? The first sentence even says it: While most people don’t find a problem with letting their co-workers know about the love blossoming between the cubicle walls, the fine print of many company contracts says a little something about office romances. Usually, this fine print is a warning of some kind, so it’s often a good idea to conceal your passionate office romp.

 Is it weird that I'm a bit bothered by this?

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