Wednesday, May 5, 2010


A few FAILS first:

The counter...or largest junk drawer in the house.

 Front closet

Hall closet

Now...for a few WINS!

  This is where my herb "garden" is going to go. It's out of kid reach and has a good light source.

 That front closet again. It now has the vacuum in it as well because it ACTUALLY FITS!

 The clean bar/counter. See the basket on the left? That is now a collection basket that will be sorted weekly.

 And...the cutest kid EVER!


  1. is that book on the wooden table the one I bought you?

  2. It is. I'm in the middle of it...and two other books! LOL I tend to do that; I have a book for each mood.

  3. Is it any good? You can be honest. Oh and do you use the bookmark??

  4. The book is different than what I usually pick up. That's a good thing! I just have to be a specific mood to read it because of the way it's written.
    And yes, when I remember I use the bookmark. I'm not used to having a specific bookmark (I usually grab what's close or *gasp* dogear a page) so sometimes I have to remember where I used it last. (sometimes I walk through the house with a book)

  5. hmm. ok. sorry about that! What is it about (I forget).

  6. You don't have to be sorry!



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