Sunday, July 25, 2010

Something to write home about.

Today was a VERY productive day. Yesterday wasn't half bad, either. My big deal with cleaning today is we (still) have ANTS and they're supposed to come spray. My biggest fear is that they'll walk in and say something snarky like, "You have ants because you're a slob" or something like that. We really are clean people. Yes, there are crumbs on the floor on occasion, but not for long. The problem is that there is an ant village (nest?) right under our building. So, they come in through every available crack. I've been able to hold them off for the most part, but I can only do so much without resorting to really nasty chemicals or cement or something. (Trust me, I've considered the cement) How can I be sure they live under my feet? Other than the constant infestation I've seen them moving the nursery (a line of ants carrying larvae) after a big a hole on the side of my building. Yeah...

So, yesterday I tackled storage. I've been wanting to do that as I can never find anything when I go out there. What used to be 6 bins is now 4 bins. We threw away several paper bags worth of trash and have a large black trash bag to donate. I find myself wondering: Why did we keep all that junk? It's been moved at least 3 times. Whatever, new leaf!

Today I (Well, WE):

- Bleached all the sinks

- Bleached the Guest tub (the bottom was really gross)

- Cleaned both toilets

- Cleaned the Master Bedroom

- Gathered all the laundry (and there was plenty)

- Ran a load of diapers (complete with a strip)

- Took out the trash

- Light grocery shopping to get through until Wed.

- Did a couple of scrapbook pages

- Cleaned Frankie's highchair

- Did 1 load of laundry (it still needs to hit the dryer)

- Cleaned the kitchen (including the floors)

What's left? Of course there are things left to do!

- LAUNDRY (fold and put away...this includes diapers)

- Clean the entryway

- Figure out what I'm going to put in these two empty bins.

We're going out of town Thursday morning so I wanted to get everything done NOW. I know we won't feel like doing anything after a 4 hour drive on Sunday to come home.

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