Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Family update

The results of the ultrasound confirm that we're having another boy! We were kind of hoping for a girl, but girls are really are in my husband's family and it IS up to his chromosome! We have NO names picked out and we're still discussing the circumcision issue.


Update on Franklin: We're working on potty training. Right now we're hitting 50/50 catch/miss. I figure that for a 16 month old that's pretty awesome. It's funny because when you do early potty training (or EC) and have a miss most people react with, "Well, that's because it's too early! S/He can't understand!" However, when you start at 2 or 3 and have a miss the common reaction is, "Oh, that's potty training for you!" In my opinion, there is no difference. My son realizes when he has to use the potty most of the time. Sometimes he realizes too late and we're too far away from the potty. However, we are able to make it to the potty for 95% of his poops and for more pees each time. He's started standing in front of the potty to pee in it...which is fine by me. As long as it makes it into the potty I don't care!!!

He's also started putting the towels up! Well, grabbing a folded towel and walking to the bathroom and letting someone lift him up and help him put it away.

So, chores Franklin does with help:
- Towels away
- Unload bottom rack of dishwasher
- Pick up dropped food or toys

Those are the family updates. Stefan's hours are getting better. There's not much to update on him or me at the moment...he's still Air Force and I'm still pregnant!

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