Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Taking it easy

Last night Frankie felt warm. That's not *too* unusual for him because he runs hot like his Daddy...but it was a bit more than usual. This morning it was the same so I took his temp. It came back normal. This can only mean one thing: TEETHING!

I risked losing a fingertip and felt his gums. One of his molars only had one point on Monday and it now has three. Yep, teeth. I didn't hesitate to start today with Advil.

We did a few floor activities (I didn't even attempt anything that required focus).

We walked on cushions:

I didn't realize how much dexterity that took until I saw him stumble a few times. After he figured out exactly what to do I started counting "One, Two, Three" for each cushion. I put them in different shapes and spaced them out differently. That was a good 10 minutes of activity.

Mostly, though, we've been doing this:

He helped me unload the dishwasher (He LOVES to help with this chore)

I tried to get him to help make chili...but it was so new to be up on the chair that he didn't care about what Mommy wanted. I think he's going to have to be up at my level more often so the newness wears off.
He also helped wipe a table.

That's it for today. We've been sitting around. Frankie doesn't feel good and the weather is dreary and Mommy is afraid she'll throw her back out again...

Oh, this is from last night...he's learning how to jump! It's super cute.

We'll probably be really laid back the rest of the week. Frankie gets horrible teething pain (they come in fast, though) so I'm following his lead even more than usual.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cutting it Short

We're having a rough day around here. I think those two top molars are giving Frankie trouble. Tantrums = many this morning. We tried, though!

The cotton ball activity he loved yesterday? Yeah...

So we moved on to playing with cereal. It was WAY more fun to eat it!

I scored some awesome silk leaves from the Target Dollar Bins yesterday. So, I thought we'd try to sort two colors...

Another activity that didn't work out. By this time I was starting to see a pattern and sense it was going to be one of THOSE DAYS.

I did find at least one activity he liked.

Of course it was the destructive one!!!

A couple of days ago I cut a hole in a coffee can big enough to fit poker chips. A couple of days ago he really liked it...

After those photos he tried to throw it everywhere.

Next, acorns. These were a huge hit yesterday.

That was the only photo I got before he tried to eat them...numerous times. I had to take them away after that...and another tantrum ensued.

This is probably how we'll spend most of today...poor kid.

Monday, October 25, 2010

When you have a clean house...

You do Tot School!
Tot School
 Frankie is 18 months
(that button takes you to the site that will tell you ALL about Tot School!)

So, I've been a lazy parent lately. Being 7 months pregnant means I ache A LOT and often. In fact, I spent the weekend in horrible pain because I did something to my sciatic nerve on my left side. Everything hurt except sitting. It was bad. Last night, though the combination of stretching and chiropractic help worked and the pain stopped. Now I just have normal back pain! I can deal with that.

Okay, what did we do for Tot School our first day?

First we had breakfast (leftover chicken pesto!)

Our first activity was to put cotton balls in a toilet paper tube. I figured it would help with spacial reasoning and some finer motor skills. He just thought it was fun!

Next we tried coloring. We have Color Wonder paper and markers. 

He mostly just wanted to eat the marker...

He did like putting the lid on and off!

Next we did his favorite thing: Pouring water! 

The shot glass ended up being too heavy (it's a heavy duty one) so I discarded that. 

We got down on the floor next. Mommy vacuumed so we could have a big, clean space to play. We tried blocks. But Frankie just wanted to walk on them.

So we tossed them around instead.
(Ignore the camera tilt. I tried to see if I could get a better picture with the camera in portrait instead of landscape...the answer was no)

Mommy thought stacking cups would be fun...

Frankie thought otherwise...

Mommy also thought that sweeping up cotton balls would be good practice and a lot of fun... It's WAY more fun to toss them!

Then he wandered off to play by himself. Mommy took this opportunity to get a snack.

After a little while we went outside. Mommy wanted to collect acorns for later play.

He tried to eat an acorn...
It was wet and kind of muddy so we didn't stay out long.

We came inside to "wash" the acorns.

He tried to open one...and was unsuccessful.

 He liked shaking the water off before putting it in the other container. 

The Verdict?
 I loved that we got to play together. We've had very few tantrums so far (that's a big deal in this house) I'm excited to play some more tomorrow!!!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Totally Tuesday

So, I had trouble falling asleep last night. I was so jazzed up after my day of cleaning that my brain would not shut off. Then, I woke up about 3am with back pain and allergies...a kicking baby joined me at 4am...and then a roach fell on my pillow an inch from my face at 5:30am. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?!? WE'RE NOT DIRTY PEOPLE!!! Ugh. So yeah, not much sleep for me.

I got my list going:

But I had to wait until Franklin woke up to really get started (psh, like I was going to risk waking up His Highness!)
It's 1pm as I type this and I've done everything but:
- Scrub Floors
- Finish Laundry (it's not even folded)
- Exercise
- List Frequent Meals
- Ask Cheyenne For Ideas (because I'm not done with the list)

The weather has been super cloudy and totally killed my motivation. Okay, that and lack of sleep...and back pain because I totally overdid it yesterday.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Nesting Madness

This morning I woke up super motivated. Franklin and I walked down to Walgreens and bought some batteries for the dying mouse and some coffee for Mama. (Before 9:30am) Little did I know just HOW motivated I was...

I'm nesting. BIG TIME.

Today I:

-Cleaned the kitchen (surfaces, put things away, dishes running)
- Gathered laundry (I think it's having babies or something)
- Started a load of laundry
- Cleaned the living room (pick up stuff, surfaces, vacuum)
- Cleaned dining table (it was filthy)
- Cleaned the bar a bit
- Cleaned up a small poop accident
- Master bath (except the toilet...I had a kid in there and I didn't want him to get a handful of Comet when I wasn't looking)
- Light fridge cleaning (threw some stuff away)
- Folded some laundry
- Wipe dining chair seats
- Wiped doorknobs
- Ate lunch
- Folded Laundry
- Rotated Laundry
- Put Away Laundry
- Cleaned Master Bedroom surfaces
- Sorted through the kid's toys and gathered 3 to donate
- Wiped the washer and dryer
- Wiped the inside of the windows
- Dusted the mantle

I'm waiting for my dear husband to get home so I can:
- Do dinner and clean up
- Unload and load the dishwasher
- Sweep
- Vacuum the Dining area
- Scrub the toilet
- Wipe the outside of the glass doors

It's 3pm here as I type this and I've been cleaning literally all day long... The super crazy part? It doesn't feel like enough! Nesting is a crazy crazy thing.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An update: Cleaning, Shoes, and The Future

So, Stefan had yesterday off (Yay for Federal Holidays!). We decided that Sunday would be a huge cleaning day so we could spend his day off just hanging out. Here's our list from Sunday:

* Kitchen
- Trash
- Put Everything Away
- Dishes
- Surfaces
- Sweep

* Living/Dining Room
- Trash
- Laundry Off Floor
- Toys Up
- Vacuum (Move Furniture)
- Surfaces

* Entryway
- Put Away Shoes/Toys
- Sweep

* Master Bath
- Clear Counter
- Laundry Gathered
- Empty Trash
- Clean Bath
- Dust

* Guest/Kid Room
- Toys Up
- Vacuum


Yep, we totally kicked butt!

Yesterday we were out at the park and Franklin kept losing his shoes. Now, they were just a cheap pull on pair from Babies R Us. The soles were also starting to get worn out. So, we decided to go ahead and get him a new REAL pair of shoes. Enter Stride Rite.
We got him these:
It's working out. He stands straighter in them (it straightens out his ankle) and it even helps his stride. It was $40 well spent (Although, I can't help but think "I don't spend $40 on shoes for ME")
Some future blogs:
- My possible Meal Planning Business
- How to sneak healthy stuff into food!
- A few new recipes

How's pregnancy going? Well, my back pain is BAD more often than not. However, that seems to be my only complaint. I haven't gained as much weight and I'm more aware of what/how I'm eating so my ankles aren't swollen yet, my hands only swell when it's hot or I'm dehydrated or when the barometric pressure changes (my knee also swells), and I've found that I'm craving HEALTHY FOODS! I crave veggies and whatnot. I also crave chocolate...but it's my weakness anyway.

So, that's my update!


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