Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cutting it Short

We're having a rough day around here. I think those two top molars are giving Frankie trouble. Tantrums = many this morning. We tried, though!

The cotton ball activity he loved yesterday? Yeah...

So we moved on to playing with cereal. It was WAY more fun to eat it!

I scored some awesome silk leaves from the Target Dollar Bins yesterday. So, I thought we'd try to sort two colors...

Another activity that didn't work out. By this time I was starting to see a pattern and sense it was going to be one of THOSE DAYS.

I did find at least one activity he liked.

Of course it was the destructive one!!!

A couple of days ago I cut a hole in a coffee can big enough to fit poker chips. A couple of days ago he really liked it...

After those photos he tried to throw it everywhere.

Next, acorns. These were a huge hit yesterday.

That was the only photo I got before he tried to eat them...numerous times. I had to take them away after that...and another tantrum ensued.

This is probably how we'll spend most of today...poor kid.

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