Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Taking it easy

Last night Frankie felt warm. That's not *too* unusual for him because he runs hot like his Daddy...but it was a bit more than usual. This morning it was the same so I took his temp. It came back normal. This can only mean one thing: TEETHING!

I risked losing a fingertip and felt his gums. One of his molars only had one point on Monday and it now has three. Yep, teeth. I didn't hesitate to start today with Advil.

We did a few floor activities (I didn't even attempt anything that required focus).

We walked on cushions:

I didn't realize how much dexterity that took until I saw him stumble a few times. After he figured out exactly what to do I started counting "One, Two, Three" for each cushion. I put them in different shapes and spaced them out differently. That was a good 10 minutes of activity.

Mostly, though, we've been doing this:

He helped me unload the dishwasher (He LOVES to help with this chore)

I tried to get him to help make chili...but it was so new to be up on the chair that he didn't care about what Mommy wanted. I think he's going to have to be up at my level more often so the newness wears off.
He also helped wipe a table.

That's it for today. We've been sitting around. Frankie doesn't feel good and the weather is dreary and Mommy is afraid she'll throw her back out again...

Oh, this is from last night...he's learning how to jump! It's super cute.

We'll probably be really laid back the rest of the week. Frankie gets horrible teething pain (they come in fast, though) so I'm following his lead even more than usual.

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  1. I love the cow print butt! He is such a little guy to be such a little man, lol. Such a happy face, that's the most important thing. Keep resting mama, you're doing great. :)



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