Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Totally Tuesday

So, I had trouble falling asleep last night. I was so jazzed up after my day of cleaning that my brain would not shut off. Then, I woke up about 3am with back pain and allergies...a kicking baby joined me at 4am...and then a roach fell on my pillow an inch from my face at 5:30am. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?!? WE'RE NOT DIRTY PEOPLE!!! Ugh. So yeah, not much sleep for me.

I got my list going:

But I had to wait until Franklin woke up to really get started (psh, like I was going to risk waking up His Highness!)
It's 1pm as I type this and I've done everything but:
- Scrub Floors
- Finish Laundry (it's not even folded)
- Exercise
- List Frequent Meals
- Ask Cheyenne For Ideas (because I'm not done with the list)

The weather has been super cloudy and totally killed my motivation. Okay, that and lack of sleep...and back pain because I totally overdid it yesterday.


  1. I don't see "Remember that I am pregnant with a toddler and that I am a mere mortal" on your list.

    But, um, a roach ???

  2. Apparently it's a Texas thing...they're called "wood roaches" and are bigger than the "German Roach" variety, but not as big as "palmetto bugs" or "hissing roaches." They roam all over and come inside when the weather is shifting...



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