Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An update: Cleaning, Shoes, and The Future

So, Stefan had yesterday off (Yay for Federal Holidays!). We decided that Sunday would be a huge cleaning day so we could spend his day off just hanging out. Here's our list from Sunday:

* Kitchen
- Trash
- Put Everything Away
- Dishes
- Surfaces
- Sweep

* Living/Dining Room
- Trash
- Laundry Off Floor
- Toys Up
- Vacuum (Move Furniture)
- Surfaces

* Entryway
- Put Away Shoes/Toys
- Sweep

* Master Bath
- Clear Counter
- Laundry Gathered
- Empty Trash
- Clean Bath
- Dust

* Guest/Kid Room
- Toys Up
- Vacuum


Yep, we totally kicked butt!

Yesterday we were out at the park and Franklin kept losing his shoes. Now, they were just a cheap pull on pair from Babies R Us. The soles were also starting to get worn out. So, we decided to go ahead and get him a new REAL pair of shoes. Enter Stride Rite.
We got him these:
It's working out. He stands straighter in them (it straightens out his ankle) and it even helps his stride. It was $40 well spent (Although, I can't help but think "I don't spend $40 on shoes for ME")
Some future blogs:
- My possible Meal Planning Business
- How to sneak healthy stuff into food!
- A few new recipes

How's pregnancy going? Well, my back pain is BAD more often than not. However, that seems to be my only complaint. I haven't gained as much weight and I'm more aware of what/how I'm eating so my ankles aren't swollen yet, my hands only swell when it's hot or I'm dehydrated or when the barometric pressure changes (my knee also swells), and I've found that I'm craving HEALTHY FOODS! I crave veggies and whatnot. I also crave chocolate...but it's my weakness anyway.

So, that's my update!

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  1. I just made a weekly meal plan using "Deceptivly Delicious" by Jerry Sinfeild's wife (can't remember her name). You puree veggies mostly, some fruits and "hide" it in your traditional food. I can't wait to try the cookies, lasagna and pudding on the list for this week!



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