Monday, October 25, 2010

When you have a clean house...

You do Tot School!
Tot School
 Frankie is 18 months
(that button takes you to the site that will tell you ALL about Tot School!)

So, I've been a lazy parent lately. Being 7 months pregnant means I ache A LOT and often. In fact, I spent the weekend in horrible pain because I did something to my sciatic nerve on my left side. Everything hurt except sitting. It was bad. Last night, though the combination of stretching and chiropractic help worked and the pain stopped. Now I just have normal back pain! I can deal with that.

Okay, what did we do for Tot School our first day?

First we had breakfast (leftover chicken pesto!)

Our first activity was to put cotton balls in a toilet paper tube. I figured it would help with spacial reasoning and some finer motor skills. He just thought it was fun!

Next we tried coloring. We have Color Wonder paper and markers. 

He mostly just wanted to eat the marker...

He did like putting the lid on and off!

Next we did his favorite thing: Pouring water! 

The shot glass ended up being too heavy (it's a heavy duty one) so I discarded that. 

We got down on the floor next. Mommy vacuumed so we could have a big, clean space to play. We tried blocks. But Frankie just wanted to walk on them.

So we tossed them around instead.
(Ignore the camera tilt. I tried to see if I could get a better picture with the camera in portrait instead of landscape...the answer was no)

Mommy thought stacking cups would be fun...

Frankie thought otherwise...

Mommy also thought that sweeping up cotton balls would be good practice and a lot of fun... It's WAY more fun to toss them!

Then he wandered off to play by himself. Mommy took this opportunity to get a snack.

After a little while we went outside. Mommy wanted to collect acorns for later play.

He tried to eat an acorn...
It was wet and kind of muddy so we didn't stay out long.

We came inside to "wash" the acorns.

He tried to open one...and was unsuccessful.

 He liked shaking the water off before putting it in the other container. 

The Verdict?
 I loved that we got to play together. We've had very few tantrums so far (that's a big deal in this house) I'm excited to play some more tomorrow!!!



  1. I told his dad, Frankie was probably bored. Seems like it. I'm glad you guys are having fun.

  2. I completely understand the difficulty of having a toddler and dealing with pregnancy pain - I just had my son about a month ago (my daughter was 20 months old when he was born).
    Looks like you had a great start to Tot School!
    Stopping by from the Tot School linky!



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