Monday, November 29, 2010

A Clean Living Room

I get a lot of requests for "how did you do that???" when I post before/after photos. I always say, "I'll show you sometime" and then life happens and "sometime" never comes.

Well, it finally did! After packing this past week my living room looked like a bomb went off. I decided that this time I'll not only give you step-by-step instructions...but PHOTOS as well. (You'll have to excuse the quality. The actual camera is in the car and I had to use my phone!)

Okay, this is where we're starting:

Crazy, right? I have no idea how we even walked in the door last night.

Step One: Pick up all trash and move dishes to the kitchen. (I'd already done this when I took the photos)
Step Two: Pick up all clothing. Put dirty clothes in the laundry room and consolidate clean ones. You don't have to fold anything...just get it all in one place.

That puts us here:

Step Three: Pick up toys/random items. Again, they don't have to have a "home" at the very moment. Just get it all in one place. I take a bin and collect toys and drop the whole thing in Franklin's room. Then I put all the random stuff in another bin to deal with later. It's easier to find things a home when it's clean (something about a clean room makes you more motivated).

Now we're here:

Step Four: Surfaces. Clear and wipe 'em!
Step Five: Floor. Vacuum/sweep/mop.
Step Six: Fine Tune. Make those little pretty changes.

Ahhh, Finished.

It's FAR from "perfect" but so much better.

Show me how you clean!

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