Monday, November 8, 2010

A fun weekend

We went to visit friends this weekend! It was a LONG drive (5 hours with the sun in Franklin's eyes through the back window) but well worth it. Here are photos from our last night there!

Okay, I don't advocate using toys the way it specifically says not to...but he LOVED being pushed around in the doll stroller and the girls loved it too.

Wondering why we aren't playing with him.

He also liked pushing the stroller. Check out the big mama belly in the upper corner.

Just a fun shot.

This same friend has a jewelry business. Once she gets her website totally up and running I'll be promoting it! So, keep checking!


  1. cute pics! I too don't advocate using toys that way...but lil girl LOVES to push baby girl in her doll stroller and both are happy doing it. We all pick and choose, that's one I'm gonna let slide (that is until someone gets hurt;0)

    That's one cute belly btw :)

  2. He is SO SO SO cute!!! I love his little face--those eyebrows! What a great series of casual shots in your home. I hope that's you relaxing. <3



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