Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Activities 7 and 8


Okay, we didn't do an activity yesterday...Mommy cleaned the kitchen and then we chilled the rest of the day (almost literally, it was cold!)

Today's activities:

7) Silk Leaves and a Laundry Bin

We don't have a yard yet so there are no real leaves to play with right now! The apartment complex cleans them as soon as they fall. No fun!!!

8) Vacuuming
Yes, it takes 3 times as long to vacuum one spot...but he loves to do it AND it's a life skill. As he gets bigger and stronger I'll let him control the vacuum more until he can do it himself. (I have a feeling my independent child will LOVE that)

He's also taken to "riding" his dump truck...adorable.

At this very second he's sitting in the laundry bin surrounded by leaves.

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