Friday, December 10, 2010

Activities 9 and 10

;I have been such a slacker! This last month of pregnancy is really kicking my butt!

Today we did two activities to make up for none yesterday.

9) Playing with Ice.
I have to remember to limit this one because this child will play with ice until his hands hurt...and then try to play with it even more (even while crying in pain)

10) Laundry Help
Mommy is too big to get things out of the dryer properly. I usually wait for Stefan to get home and have him do it for me...but Franklin was a good helper today and helped Mommy do it! He's so sweet!!!

Tomorrow we start decluttering! I want to spend the weekend getting rid of AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE so we don't move a bunch of stuff we don't need. I hate that. You move and as you unpack you get rid of things and wonder "Why did I even move this??" or you declutter a few months later and ask the same question.

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