Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kitchen Cleaning Link Up!

Recently I did a post on Steps for a Clean Living Room. Today I'm doing the KITCHEN! Ready?

Ugh, right? You can tell it's been a few days...

Step One: Gather ALL Dishes and put them in/around the sink.

Step Two: Gather all trash and throw it away!

That puts us here:

Yeah, I know, very little difference! This next step will be a good one.

Step Three: Put Away Items!

Everything has a home (or at least, it SHOULD!) Let these items go home.

By now you should be breathing a bit easier.

Step Four: Do Those Dishes!

Step Five: Surfaces, Appliances, Floors

The photos of the empty sink didn't come out...like, the file corrupted in the camera. No idea about that one...you can sort of see it in the second photo, though.

Did you clean the kitchen today? Come LINK UP!


  1. Good job, looks like you worked hard :-)

  2. I wish I could clean my kitchen as fast I as I could read your post about cleaning kitchens.
    How do you clean? One room a day, a little every single day, nothing until the weekends? I've been trying to get a good workable "cleaning schedule" set up so I don't feel like I work hard every single day and see no progress.

  3. Alyssa: I used to have a weekly list...and then my son got mobile. When I got somewhat on top of things again I got pregnant! Right now (at almost 9 months pregnant) I clean what I can as I feel up to it. There are some days I'm so exhausted that doing ONE chore is an accomplishment.



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