Monday, December 20, 2010

New Schedule? And a Kid Update.

I realized recently that Franklin needs a routine. Not necessarily an exact time kind of thing, but at least a rhythm for the day. I mean, we kind of do this already, but we could be better.

And it figures that the day I decide to start is the day when we sleep extra late, Franklin is extra whiny, and the weather is dreary!

In any case, I'm trying to abide by it somewhat...

8am-9am Wake up and Get Dressed (well, Mommy gets dressed anyway...)
9am-10am Cartoons and Breakfast
10am-11am Chores/Packing
11am-2pm Activities/Lunch/HOPEFULLY Kid Down for nap
2pm-4pm Possible Mommy Time (blog, projects, etc...)
4pm-4:30pm Ready for Daddy Home
4:30pm-5pm Daddy Unwind/Mommy Make Dinner
5pm-6pm Dinner
6pm-8pm Family Time
8pm-9pm Bedtime Routine (bath, brush teeth, quiet time)
9pm-9:30pm Franklin to Bed
9:30pm-? Mommy and Daddy Time (might be spent sleeping...)

Well, today we woke up at 9am so that started the list off "wrong" and Franklin is extra clingy today so Mommy isn't getting much done in her hour for chores (I did get dishes done and some clothes hung up) The weather is terrible so going outside isn't an option at the moment.

Now for a Kid Update!

He's talking!!!!!!!

I know, I'm shocked too. In the past week or so he's started saying:
-bottle (he said it this morning and it was REALLY clear)
and his speech is getting more clear. I'm picking up on some of the phrases he says.

So yeah, this kid might actually talk. Awesome, right?

AND, yesterday we tried church and Franklin did great in the nursery! One of Stefan's coworkers (that Franklin knows and loves) works the nursery sometimes. So, we decided to give it a try with her in there...and he did awesome. She said he just played with toys the whole time and barely paid her any attention (she even left at one point and he didn't notice) The service was good, too. We're planning on going back.

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