Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What if he's never still?

My sweet boy

The verse that is on my mind today is Psalm 46:10a Be still and know that I am God.

Why that verse? Mothers of toddlers (I'm willing to bet especially mothers of BOYS) will get it quickly.

We want our children to know God. We want them raised to know that they have a wonderful Heavenly Father that sent his Son to die for their sins. The verse I've chosen is very specific in the manner of knowing God: Be still.

As a mother of a toddler boy (with another boy on the way) I have to laugh a little bit. (It's okay to laugh when you read the Bible right?) My son is very rarely STILL. Even when he's not actively running around tearing the house down he's still moving. He's always busy. The only time this child is STILL is when he's sleeping...and sometimes not even then! As a result, I often forget to be be still.

New Year's Challenge: Create a time of stillness to commune with God. Even if it's just prayer time before bed. All of us need to have that time. We should begin developing this habit before the new baby gets here!

Will you accept the challenge? How are you "still" to hear God?


  1. I wish I could remember exactly what my friend said to me a while back. She basically said I was yelling to God and expecting him to yell back but what I needed to do was be quiet and wait for him to whisper, though she said it much more eloquent. I think parents (of toddler boys) are just go go go, get it done, move on and we just rarely have time to sit and be still. I love when people post things like this, it makes me stop and think.

  2. I've heard an interpretation of that verse that emphasizes being un-waivering, steadfast in faith, similar to the verse that says "do not be tossed about like the waves" (or something like that). The challenge for us as a bust family of five is to cultivate that inner stillness while life goes on around us. Does that make sense?

  3. Too funny... I wrote on the exact same verse today! And, my son is rarely still either, but he is the one who is very still in the picture I posted! I accept the challenge... it's hard work, but that's why we need Him! Great post!

  4. I love this! I'm working on still moments with my girls too. We are starting with reading bible stories at every meal. We all need a reminder all day long who is in charge and who holds us in His hands.

  5. I remember when my beautiful daughter was about 2, she would sit in the car while I was driving( after a frustrating night of working alone,except for her company,)and just scream. One night I stopped the car and found myself screaming back at her. She stopped and the look on her little face just killed me. Then I understood she was not screaming just to screen she was mimicking the vibes she was getting from me. As I put her to bed that night I knelt by her bed and cried "God forgive me for hurting this beautiful gift you have given me and help her to forgive me too". I do not know if she ever did or even understood but moms are human too and sometimes we act more human than we realize. So it is very important to" Let go and Let God". I love you my beautiful daughter.



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