Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gratituesday: My Boys

My Gratituesday post is all about my sons!

Jonathan Boswell Lea Morin: The newest addition! Thank God for a child that actually sleeps. I'd heard stories of babies that slept in 3-4 hour stretches at night, but I'd never had one until now. He's also very content to lay on the couch or in his swing from time to time. This is awesome because I can actually put him down to tend to my spirited son. I always find it amazing how much love you can feel for a person upon just meeting them; actually, before even meeting them. This is such a testament to God. I loved both of my sons before they were born and even more once they got here. God loved us even before that!

Franklin Gaudelio Lea Morin: My spirited toddler! Yes, he tries my patience (actually, that's an understatement most days) but he also never fails to make me smile and laugh. His giggle is infectious. He is adorable, and I swear he knows it! He's also very bright and picks up on things very quickly. (Which plays into his spirited nature...he gets bored quickly!) Again, the experience is another testament to God. Even though we try His patience He manages to love us. (And I'm sure we make him smile and laugh!)

Praise God for my wonderful children!

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