Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Home vs Hospital Birth

The outside of my home

I've had births in both settings: hospital and home. Granted, I had a great doctor with my first birth so it wasn't traumatic or anything. (I've heard some horror stories from the hospital) Basically, I wanted to make a list of comparisons between the "typical" hospital birth and MY home birth.

Home: My midwife assumed that I am a woman capable of learning, making informed decisions, and taking charge of my health.
Hospital: Most doctors don't think this way. I've dealt with a couple that treated me like I have no knowledge and can't make decisions.

Home: Took my time in labor.
Hospital: Contractions 3-4mins apart usually means you're dilating 1cm per hour...I wasn't. A lot of doctors will deem you "failure to progress" and give you pitocin OR a c-section.

Home: Labor stalled so we tried new tactics to get it going again.
Hospital: Labor stalling is not allowed and will deem you "failure to progress" again.

Home: I could eat and drink as needed.
Hospital: No food, IV for fluids, ice chips as needed.

Home: Monitor every so often in active labor. I could be in any position I wanted.
Hospital: Constant monitoring kept me flat on my back...the worse position for labor and delivery.

Home: Stefan got to catch his son!
Hospital: Doctor catches because no one else is qualified.

Home: Baby had gunk in his throat and funky breathing...but this was easy to fix by the midwives.
Hospital: Baby probably would have been rushed to NICU.

Home: Kept my placenta.
Hospital: Court order is required

Home: No push for vaccinations, circumcision, eye antibiotics, etc...
Hospital: Lots of paperwork and possible argument or threats.

Home: Slept in my own bed that night!
Hospital: The hospital I birthed in required THE BABY stay for 24 hours (mom could leave). Some require 48 or more. If you try to leave Against Medical Advisement some places will call CPS.

Home: As many/few people present as I chose.
Hospital: 2 or fewer visitors (that are 18 or older) and a ton of hospital workers.

For me, there is no question that I'll be doing this again!

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