Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This is why we bought the house...

THERE'S A YARD! No, there's no grass yet (which is fine by Franklin as he loves to grab handfuls of dirt pour them on Mommy)

We spent 30mins outside in the warmer weather and sunshine yesterday. And you know what? He took a nap an hour later.

Sad Note: An ant got into his shirt and stung him repeatedly. He has three stings on his shoulder. Poor kid.

He spent most of the time running from the house to the fence...

...and back again.

He'd pretend to go inside and then rush back out.

No, not inside yet.

Every stumble is a chance to pick up rocks!

Like I've said before: My son is spirited. He has a ton of pent-up energy. Living in the apartment I kept noticing that around noon his behavior would go downhill and stay there until Daddy got home. I was disciplining him constantly and not seeing any improvement. So, instead of upping the discipline (like some parenting books will tell you to do) I reevaluated the situation. What did Daddy have that Mommy didn't? Well, Mommy was big and pregnant with horrible back pain and Daddy was getting down on the floor and wrestling or chasing Frankie through the living room...things Mommy wasn't physically able to do. We (Stefan and I) concluded that it was that pent-up energy that was causing the behavior problems. However, there wasn't much we could do in an apartment with nowhere to play outside! This yard is a huge blessing. We did the best we could with the previous small space, but having a big yard to just PLAY in has been amazing.

So, if you're noticing behavior issues in your toddler (especially your toddler BOY) evaluate how much space he has to play. Are you inside a lot? Maybe there's a lot of pent up energy causing the behavior problems. If you can't get outside try a really physical inside activity. Dance like crazy, run around, exercise, etc... I'm willing to bet if you try a different tactic you'll find more success.

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  1. The last 3 weeks have been SO HARD with my 2-1/2 yr old. Lately, it was dawning on me that we hadn't spent as much time outside. After reading your post, I'm starting to think this could be why. He is a mover and with the cold temps and such he's had to spend prob. too much time inside. Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog too!

  2. I agree. Children need to get outside and run around - if they can't b/c of extreme weather conditions - then a mini trampoline can help adjust attitude problems in no time. :-)

    Good post. Thanks for sharing, and for linking up to Domestically Divine.

  3. So true they are so funny. And yes all that running around is great to help keep that naptime part of the daily schedule. You both need it! I hate when I hear people say my child is to old for a nap. They need time to rest!
    Thanks for sharing this. Come by and see my Titus 2sday post.
    Have a great Thursday and enjoy your backyard!

  4. Nevermind the toddler, *I* go crazy without some time outside! Seriously, looking forward to moving into a home with an outdoor area of any kind so much right now.



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