Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tot School!

Tot School
Franklin is 21.5 months old.

This week I TRIED to keep him busy. I'm still getting the hang of having a toddler and a newborn. Here are some photos of our week. Stefan's mom was here so that helped a lot.

On the "shelf" toys. (We've allocated 3-5 toys to be "downstairs" toys every week or so. It keeps the living room from being wrecked)
There are actually 10 blocks downstairs...

This started out challenging but now he can put the shapes in with little trouble...sizes are a different story.

Assorted motion things. Airplane with wheels, truck, ball to throw around...
We were blessed with warm weather so we got lots of time outside!

He ran from the fence to the house and back again.

There's construction going on that we could see and hear. He was showing me.

We did a few inside chores (Stefan's mom helped us get up to date on laundry and unpacked a bit. Franklin helped.)

We also pulled out the ice to pour!

And when it was too cold to go outside (mornings were a bit chilly) we tried to get active inside. Mommy invented a game that involves throwing a soft ball at the stairs. That's it...a ball and the stairs. It was a huge hit.

We also tried to throw it at Mommy and the camera...

I visited the Target Dollar Spot yesterday and got some sensory bin stuff. I've been avoiding it because of the potential for a huge mess...but I'm being brave and jumping in.

This next week I plan on having more activities planned.


  1. I understand your reluctance to the sensory bin. I've been wanting to do one with Drew but he is a thrower and I don't want to clean up sensory bin things 100 times a day. Or have him eat pretty little decorations. I think I'll start with larger items (shaped sponges, koosh ball, jingle bells, blocks wrapped in bubble wrap and sand paper, plastic flowers, tin foil balls, and squares of different fabrics) not tiny ones like I see a lot of people using. Maybe some of that would be good for Franklin too?

  2. our little one love building block etc... and outdoor fun are the best!

  3. I can see that your son, just like mine, is a pretty good runner. Hugs from Poland.

  4. Hiya looks like you had a great week! Lucky you with such gorgeous weather-its horrid in England!



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