Friday, February 4, 2011

Boys In Motion Link UP

It's Friday again (seriously? I spent all of Tuesday feeling like it was Friday.)

Here's my action shot for the week:

I chose this one because I'm EXCITED! The fist in the air is Franklin signing "potty" to me...He's almost 22mo and lately we've been getting 95% of our pees in the potty. He's been telling us when he needs to go!! Huge steps!

Head on over to Home With The Boys to see some more awesome photos.


  1. That is awesome action! Yeah for potty time!!! I wish I could get Drew to do that, he tells me as he is going and then says clean diaper.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, I think the boys in motion posts are adorable. Yeah for potty training going so well, my son was almost three before it was a "success".

  3. Hi there...stopping by from Boys in Motion. That is so cool....signing potty! I never taught that sign with my older two boys...but I will with my baby!!



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