Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is It Still Tot School?

Tot School

Is it still Tot School if we didn't really do many official activities? I think for a 22 month old it's okay...

I did a few things that didn't get photos so we'll start with those (because I know  you all want to see the cute kid!)

- We drew circles. I got the screw part of the mason jar (the "ring") and used it as a template for circles. I got some big crayons and we did that for about 20 seconds! Then Franklin just wanted to scribble. He did, however, use his made up sign for "orange" (the one he uses for the fruit) and point at the orange crayon. Then I pulled out a blue one and, without being prompted, he said, "Dew!"

- He has a blanket with dolphins and moons on it. So he thought it was fun to stomp the circles on it. Of course that led to just running around...

- I have an app on my phone that has photos of animals, the name, and the "animal sound" it makes. He REALLY enjoys going through it with me. He can now tell me what a lion says ("rawr" with a claw motion...yes I'm working on video taping this. And he can tell me that a snake says "ssssss")

Photos from this week:

I changed out a few things in the sensory bin. 

Playing with the dump truck.

He liked the addition of more pipe cleaners.

And then he chose to roll a noodle across the floor.

A friend of ours brought her dog over last night. He was super excited (the child loves dogs)

Doggie Kiss!

See? Excited

He wanted to pull the crate across the floor.

He let the dog out and climbed inside...

..and shut the door.

I still don't quite have a perfect handle on two kids...I keep trying to figure out activities. We'll probably draw some more this week and learn more colors.


  1. Love the doggy kissing him, and him in the dog crate, too funny!

  2. Whenever I feel bad about having an "off" week, I just remember how young these kiddos are! They are really getting a big head start already!



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