Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lazy Dazy Tot School

We had another brief cold snap this week. The cold weather makes me lazy (I swear I'm part reptile in that regard) Here are some photos of our week.

There was one day that was really pretty (Sunday) so we all went outside. The Totally Tots theme for the month is Transportation so I pulled his truck outside.

Trying to throw dirt at Mommy.

Daddy got dirt thrown at him too.
We tried playing in the garage one of the days it was really windy. Franklin likes that he can make lots of noise.

We got outside briefly again.

We've also been learning to wash hands. Franklin LOVES this activity. He asks to wash every time he sees a sink. (He doesn't get to that often! It would be bad for his skin)

We did a lot of indoor activities. He played with the sensory bin a couple of times (It needs new stuff...he's bored with it) and fingerpainted a few time (the "Valentines" will just be art cards now as they aren't finished and V-Day is tomorrow!)

Hanging out with his brother (he was trying to feed him orange slices a few mins prior to this photo)

He claps when he finishes his puzzle. He's so proud! (And so are we!!)

One of the few times they slept at the same lasted all of 10mins before Jonathan woke up.

It's supposed to be gorgeous all week (think close to 80F) I'm not sure what we'll work on this week. I'm thinking just lots of time outside! I'll probably pull out some different containers for pouring activities with the dirt.

Tot School

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