Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tot School: It's COLD

This week we were NOT blessed with warm weather. It has been too cold to go outside...and cold in the house. Add in that Franklin is still cutting's been a rough week.

We did get ONE nice day to play outside. So, that was the busy day for Tot School.

I made a sensory bin! My first one!

Contains: split peas (that we'd never eat), some brown rice (that we didn't like), cheap rigatoni dyed red, cookie cutters, ribbon, and a squishy pig. (The pig is way more fun to throw and never made it back)

I gave him a spoon and bowl and let him scoop.

He's good at it when he focuses.

We tried on the floor but that didn't work as well.

He liked fitting the cookie cutters into a bowl. (The fist is him telling me he needs to go potty)

It was also fun to line all of the cookie cutters on the edge of the table.

We also played with the Geo Sorter toy this week.

In one week he went from only being able to do one color to being able to do 4 with little difficulty...
We went outside ONE DAY.

But he wasn't tired or anything.

Mommy discovered an ant home at his feet *sigh*

Okay, I must give some information before sharing the next photos...

I hate bugs. HATE HATE HATE them. This applies to most of the bug community. Yes, I understand that many are harmless and even helpful. BUT THEY'RE GROSS!! I have a phobia when it comes to most bugs. (Like, freak out and run screaming kind of thing)

However, I'm also dedicated to my son learning. So, when there was a cricket in the yard and I saw that he was interested in it I went inside and got a yogurt container AND I CAUGHT THE THING.

That's right. There's a cricket in there.
Now, Franklin didn't care so much about observing it...he liked to dump it back and forth and hear it scrape on the foil as it tried to stand upright.

I let it go after a bit. 1) I don't want bugs in my house. 2) It seemed kind of mean to let my son beat it to death...

He may have tried to squish it with a rock...
I also have him making Valentines. No photos of that (it would ruin the surprise) He's fingerpainting and I'm going to cut out squares to send off as Valentines. Those photos will go up after V-day is over!

Oh, we got Franklin a doll (yes, a DOLL) because he's been so interested in the baby (and babies all over). We wanted him to have is own baby to take care of (and be able to carry)

He was super excited:

How does Jonathan spend Tot School?

My favorite photo of the week:

Franklin fell, Mommy couldn't get to him, so Daddy put Jonathan down quickly...and he never woke up.

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  1. Followed over from the Tot School Link-up! Love that you put ribbon in your sensory bin, what a great idea! The last pic of your little one is soo adorable!! haha!

  2. Looks like he loved his first sensory bin!

  3. You amaze me. I LOVE the sensory bin, I love your new layout, and the pictures you use, I love the way you devote so much thought and energy into catering to Franklin's specific needs and his age, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Franklin! He is so big all the sudden, outside, in his man jeans! I can't wait to see Jonathan grow and see them playing, learning, and CLEANING together, bwahaha!

  4. It looks like a great week. I love the cricket description. The things we do for our kids eductation!

  5. Thanks for all of the encouraging comments!
    On the Sensory Bin: He loves/loved it...I think I need to find different things to go in it because he's bored with it now!
    Cheyenne: Psh, you know they'll be cleaning! Franklin helped me do laundry just this morning!

  6. Hi from Totschool link up! Looks like a great week! Love the sensory bin-was wondering what other red things I could put in mine so will be having a go at dying pasta red!



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