Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meal MAYhem is coming

Here's my idea (I want your thoughts!!!):

Have you ever seen the show "Chopped" on the Food Network? Click the link to read about it.

I'm thinking of doing something similar in the month of May. Last year I tried to photograph each night of dinner...that got overwhelming really quickly. This year I want to do something weekly instead.

Each Sunday I'll make a list of food items in my house. I'll randomly select one protein, one starch, and 3 fruits/veggies and then have to make dinner using those items. I'll only be "allowed" to add on 2 items (not including spices) to round out the meal. I'll do a post listing the required (not add on) items for you all to see. The challenge will be for you to take the week to figure out meal options with those items! Saturday I'll share what *I* chose and offer a link-up for my readers!

Does that make sense? Will you participate?


  1. I think that is a great idea. How would I participate ? I would love to participate.

  2. Donna: Just keep watching the blog until May! I'll be posting more about it as time comes.



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