Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vacation Thoughts

We were on vacation all this past week! I didn't announce it because I've heard stories about people announcing vacations on their blogs and then getting robbed...I'm sure you're all nice people and everything, but I'd rather be safe.

We went to Arizona to let the boys visit their great grandparents. It was fun. I have lots of photos to put up. (Don't worry, rest of the family, your visit is coming. This one was a HUGE trip so we had to plan it out way in advance.)

I had some thoughts while on vacation I wanted to share:

  • It's interesting to drive next to the boarder (between the US and Mexico) and see the vast difference in living on either side.
  • While I was irritated at having to slow down for Boarder Patrol to check cars (the baby started screaming when the car stopped moving) I am glad that they're checking cars...
  • At night, when you're exhausted, walking into the hotel without shoes is a fine idea. However, walking OUT with no shoes the next day feels like a walk of shame.
  • Every mall should have a kids play area. Even just a little one.
  • Now I want a dog.
  • You know you're in the middle of NOWHERE when you push "seek" on the radio and it just keeps spinning...
  • I need to stock and carry a first aid kid...
  • Now I know why parents give kids Nyquil before long trips.
  • If you're driving in West Texas and come to a gas station you should stop and get gas...even if  you "think you can make it." We were down to a gallon before we found somewhere to stop. Some families weren't as lucky.


  1. I've never been to Arizona before! But I've heard that its really nice!

  2. Thanks for the compliment! I appreciate (and my self esteem demands) such sentiments.

    That being said, you went to Arizona and I'm in Iowa, so we're in a fight.


  3. Hey Kas! Cute blog:). Such true & quirky observations. You are brave to make such a long trip. I took two young babies to west Texas and thinking back to it gives me post traumatic stress disorder. Now my hubby is begging for a family trip to marfa, tx. Eek:)

    Come visit my blog too!


  4. holy cow, what a feat! being a mom of two under two really does make one Super Mom...



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