Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear "Secret Life"

Dear The Secret Life Of An American Teenager,

Your show is ridiculous. For the lucky ones that have never seen an episode here's a video summary:


Fixed that for you

Yes, I understand that sex is now part of a teenager's life. Whether they're doing it or know someone that's doing it, sex is all around. However, I take issue with the assumption that sex is ALL that goes on in a teenager's life. Other things include, but are not limited to: drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, severe over-achieving, anxiety, depression, self-harm, abuse, bullying, and suicide. Where are these elements in your show? Heck there are other shows that have covered these things at least partially. (Full House was one) If you're going to claim to give a glimpse into the "secret life" of a teenager at least have her dealing with more than just sex and pregnancy.

Which brings me to my other complaint. Your portrayal of teen pregnancy was awful. Amy just so happened to have tons of people that love her and support her? Her parents help watch the baby and her boyfriend loved her EVEN THOUGH IT WASN'T HIS BABY? Oh, and baby's Daddy came back to be part of his life? Whatever. What happened to the girl that got kicked out? We saw a glimpse of her and then never heard from her again. That's real. That happens. Where's the miscarriage because the mom was too young to handle pregnancy? And, on top of it, Amy got to spend a week in New York without the baby?? Really now? Her life is only slightly affected by this child. Having a baby is a major change and you have not shown that AT ALL.

I also have a problem with "ABC Family" and it looks like I'm not the only one. Especially this:
It should be noted that despite the channel's name including the word "Family", the channel's programming content standards had changed several years earlier after the sale of the channel by International Family Entertainment, and the channel had been airing even some acquired series and movies that contain profanity, violence and sexual content or dialogue after the sale, particularly since being purchased by The Walt Disney Company. ABC Family does air parental advisory tags at the beginning of some TV-14 rated programs, such as That '70s Show and some episodes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

So, I tried to watch your show, but it's ridiculous and annoying. Please end it. I don't care what happens to Amy. I'm sure she'll ride off into a rainbow on her unicorn and leave the baby with her magical elves and fairies.


  1. I can't remember if I already commented (and I just dont see it bc its waiting to be admin-ed by you) BUT in case I didnt yet...

    I totally am with you girl. The abc family programming is such trash really. I've never really watched this show- or any other one on the channel but I have scrolled past it before and thought to myself "what a misleading title for a channel- really? "famiy"?"

    It does seem rather one dimensional from one you describe. Teens have WAY much more going on besides the pressures of sex.

  2. oh gosh sorry for all the typos- Im going to fall in to my bed now- zzzz. xo



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