Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Need To Workout More

Yesterday I got my youngest to nap by himself (big deal if you consider my oldest rarely napped alone) I went to Hulu and clicked on my Dance And Be Fit channel I saved. Instead of the Brazilian Dance I had been doing I decided to try Latin Dance.

It was a bit easier but still worked up a sweat. I'm glad I chose this one. I wasn't totally exhausted at 15mins like I was with the Brazilian Dance. (Yes, I'm THAT out of shape) This one I was able to finish the circuit and still feel like I did SOMETHING. So, I got 30mins in yesterday. If you combine little bits of exercise with the calories I'm burning by breastfeeding I'll have this weight off in no time!

I'm determined to not take a year to get the weight off...that's what happened with my first. Of course, I gained 50lbs with Franklin and only 30lbs with Jonathan. AND when it was just me and Franklin I did a lot of sitting that it's me and two kids (one a toddler) I'm much more active during the day.

We're going to go to the zoo this weekend so that will be a bit of walking around. It's been so hot lately that getting outside is miserable. (It's Texas so we get heat and humidity. Sometimes it's hard to breathe)

I need to get an official weight and measurements in for these that you can really follow my progress. I can't do a diet list because I'm too busy during the day to keep track. I know I eat a lot of cereal, peanut butter, and lunchmeat...oh, and the occasional bowl of yogurt when I have some made.

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  1. Hi! I stopped by from the For The Love of Blogs: Let's Get Fit.

    I'm looking forward to reading more!


  2. Good deal on working out with the little ones around. I know it can get hard finding the time, but you seem to be doing well. :)

    Found you through FTLOB. Happy Wednesday!!


  3. Do you have an iPod or iPhone? They have a great app in the store called "Lose it!" and it is amazing. It has most foods (including most chain restaurants) already loaded in there, so you quickly search for the food, and say how much you ate of it. You can also record basic daily activity like walking and such! It's a really great way to keep track of what you're eating and keep under a calorie limit!

  4. Sarah: Thanks for visiting!

    Toni: Yeah, having a toddler and a baby keeps my hands full! I know I need to MAKE time because I need to take care of myself too! I spend so much time caring for kids, husband, and house that I forget about ME.

    Sarah: I have an Android phone. I try not to worry about calories for various reasons. 1) I had an eating disorder in high school so counting calories is something that obsess over really quickly. 2) I need to eat a fair amount to make sure I make enough milk for the baby. 3) I disagree that low calorie foods are healthy because a lot of them are full of preservatives and other junk...I prefer to try to eat wholesome foods and not worry about "grams" of fat and calories!

  5. It has been too COLD here to get outside!

  6. I wish it were cold! At least then a good walk/run would warm me up. When it's already hot there's no where to go but hotter!

  7. You look pretty good in that bathtub when you were having your baby- it does not look like you have too much to loose.

    I love peanut butter and cereal, I am pretty good about keeping my intake in check. My husband has a bowl of cereal almost every night before bed- and still manages to loose weight (good thing I love him otherwise it would really make me mad).



  8. I totally understand your challenge- getting motivated can be really tough with 2 young babies in tow- really, it can tough for anyone- even with out kiddos!

    My routine is subject to change almost always but these are some of my (almost) daily workouts- I do whatever I time for and whatever the weather permits...

    Pilates & pushups- I have a quick and memorized routine

    Weights!- get some if you are serious about not only losing weight but getting firm - I am "skinny" fat if I dont use resistance! I do lunges and squats and arms

    Walking and Running- if you dont have a jogging double stroller you should think of investing in one- even a used one- it has been the best money spent by us. Also if you time it right you might get your oldest to nap in it- Gavin wont "slow down" enough to nap even when he is so tired unless he is stapped in the stroller and being jogged around my 'hood.

    Yard work- I may like my nails polished but I'm an animal when it comes to getting filthy in the yard. Today, for example, I hauled rocks and blew and bagged leaves for a couple of hours- the kids play outside and I work until Im sweating like crazy. Its nice too because it keeps the mess out of my house, I get to really take care of my home, my husband has less work to do on the weekend... it goes on.

    Good luck Kas!



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