Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's For Dinner?

This week we're having: (main dishes...side dishes are up for discussion)

Tuesday - Grilled Cheese

Wednesday - Hamburgers

Thursday - Chicken with Garlic-Pepper Sauce

Friday - Chicken Pesto OR Spaghetti

I know, I usually plan it out more...and there are usually more intricate dishes listed. However, I've had a teething toddler so it's thrown things off.

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  1. I love sitting down and planning the weekly menu. It will be more fun when Logan actually eats something other than formula... Cute family!

  2. Grilled cheese was my FAVORITE when I was a kid -so jealous that you're eating it! Wish we had it at school... :/ Sounds like a bunch of great meals though! Enjoy :D



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