Friday, July 29, 2011

Rules I've Made Lately

I know moms of 2 year old can probably relate to this...I make the oddest rules. I have to. It's things I've never thought about before. Things like:

- Don't lick the dustpan

Do not empty the vacuum bag onto the floor...and if you do, don't eat peanuts you find inside.

Do not drink water you scoop out of the sink. (The dishes are soaking in there)

Making toys jump is the same as throwing them and you'll still get in trouble.

I've also come to realize why my mother pretended to change her name...I loved the sound of "mama" when it 

first came. Now I'm considering changing my name to something crazy like Methuselah.

What are some odd rules you've made lately?? 


  1. Haha. I've said things that I never thought I would like, Do not lick the cat, yes I know he's licking himself but you shouldn't do it.

  2. Toddlers are like little aliens with no concept of how the world works. Dishwater drinking is frequently attempted around here!

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  4. bahaha, too funny! some rules here are:

    don't hang on the doorknob like a monkey.

    don't use 100 squirts of soap when you wash your hands.

    don't drink from the dog's water bowl... or eat the dog's food, for that matter.

    don't stick ten DVDs in the DVD player at once.



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