Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm so proud

First off let me introduce you to these neat dice my parents brought me:

They're prayer dice. Each side has a different prayer on it. I thought they were really neat.

Anyway, I'm sitting at the computer today and I hear Franklin yell, "Dead bug, Mama!!" Now, he's been known to yell this about speck of ANYTHING on the floor so I didn't think much of it...until he said it again and I heard the above block banging on the floor.

He ran in, quite proud of himself, and told me "Dead bug!!!" I want to foster his pretend so I said, "Oh really? Show me!!" and ran with him.

It turns out there HAD been a bug. He'd squished it. No, I take that back, he'd obliterated it. I think it was a spider....but it was hard to tell from what was squished across the floor.

Now I hate spiders. I don't want 50 comments from people saying "but spiders are good! They eat bugs! blah blah blah..." I know. I'm well aware that spiders eat bugs and that not all of them are horrible killing machines ready to take me out in my sleep. Logically I KNOW this...but I also have a phobia. So, in the phobia part of my brain I want every spider in the world dead because only then will we all be safe.

Can you guess how I reacted to the spider killing by my son? I hugged him, told him he was awesome, and we did a high-five. He's my hero.


  1. Franklin's a boss.

    I LOVE you saying, "I want every spider in the world dead."


  2. LOL!!! I am soooooo with you about the spiders!!!

    Now - I like those dice. Do you have a link to where they were purchased. I think that would make a wonderful gift.



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