Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In My Neck Of The Woods...

I've been a bit frustrated...

When am I not, right?

We tried church on Sunday but it was a HUGE bust. Franklin didn't want to go to nursery (like, freaked out about it), he wouldn't sit in service (praise and worship was his limit), and then he started having meltdowns in the cry room (yeah, we had to leave THE CRY ROOM). We figured out that he was probably hungry (he's not a morning eater...this can pose a problem) and tired (his schedule was off)...in any case, I got frustrated.

We've been doing this Occupational Therapy for his SPD for several months now and it feels like he's getting WORSE not BETTER. His meltdowns are getting more intense and more frequent. As his mother I feel horribly lost. If you're a parent you understand how painful it is to see your child suffer and not be able to help him.

He's also destructive. That's due to age/being a boy/SPD/etc...I have SO MUCH working against me some days. I want nice things but I know I can't have them yet. Sometimes I think "I'll get shelves for nice things" and then a toy goes flying through the air and I think "Uh, never mind..."

Jonathan is scooting (!!!!!!!!!!!) He's also getting his first tooth. The child is 7 months old! Franklin didn't scoot until 8-9mo and didn't get teeth until almost a year old. *sigh* Why is my baby growing up so much faster?

I am glad that the boys are able to play together...at least for short bursts. Jonathan can't get up and go the way that Franklin likes; so, Franklin will sit and play as long as he can and then he has to run around. Jonathan will probably walk early just so he can keep up with his brother!

That's a little bit about my neck of the woods. I'm linking up! Post what's going on in YOUR life and link up with me!

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  1. I'm new to your blog. SPD - Sensory Processing Disorder? I'd love to hear more.
    Hope things will start turning around for you soon. Sometimes when they hit new stages you feel like you are starting all over.
    I'm so glad you linked up with the RHOK today. I enjoyed getting a peek into your blog/life!
    ~ Mrs. Priss



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