Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Phone Fun!

My sweet Jonathan (who is CRAWLING at 7mo!!!!)

My loving Franklin enjoying dinner!

This made my feet look fat

I like the color

He wanted to cuddle mama

My fathre-in-law said an amateur did them....well, I did !

A gross deal at my grocery store. Who needs THAT MUCH SUGAR in the morning?

Drinking his bottle without a top!!

He's riding his motorcycle. Notice the helmet

He unzipped the couch cover and crawled inside.

Franklin wanted to hold the baby...but the baby is too big. This was the compromise.


SO SWEET (he probably smacked him 10mins later)

My mile time. Yep. I'm awesome. 
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  1. your toes look so cute!!! and those little ones, adorable!

  2. 1 - what your FIL said... LOL. funny that he was paying that close attention. :)

    and 2 - the meal deals are always SO GROSS! eww, i don't know why they can't offer healthy options!

  3. oooo I love that nail color!! Looks great! And your babies are too cute!
    Thanks for linking up with us! :)



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