Monday, August 29, 2011

Phone Fun!

I REALLY enjoy this link-up!

I got a concert! :-)

He always asks "Ready Mommy?" and then jams out.

I pushed out my mile in UNDER 11 MINUTES!

He wanted to play in Franklin's sensory I made him his own

He's gotten really good at crawling...

Crazy face!

Making the baby laugh

Eating breakfast! He's so big!!!!

Rest assured, that's lip gloss on his eye. 

Yeah, he's 8mo and pulling up to his knees. *sigh* I'm betting he walks before he's a year old.

That was my week! I forgot to pull out my phone more often...


  1. Ms. V is crawling everywhere and once she pulls up onto something she tries to push it around. Definitly wants to keep up with big sis, LOL! Your boys are so cute. Love the concrete picks. Great job on the mile in eleven!

  2. Glad you like the linkup!! I love seeing the kiddos :)



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