Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What's been going on lately

I want everyone to get as excited about getting healthy as I am....it's hard for me to wrap my head around people that are okay being unhealthy.

I don't want that to sound offensive or hateful. I honestly don't get it. I'm excited to be changing my life. I get excited watching other people change theirs...

My boys are getting big. Jonathan is CRAWLING at 7 months. He wants to walk so bad. AAAHHH
Franklin has reached the "no" and "mine" stage of toddlerhood. Lots of fights around here lately. I'm not enjoying this one.

I'm getting the hang of juggling work and home. Working from home is HARD, but I can walk away when I need to and play with the boys.

I'm linking up here:

...even though I feel a bit boring!


  1. Thank you for linking up today! You are doing great. Working from home is the hardest job ever and it takes someone very special to do it. Boring? Never. This is what it is all about. Thank you for sharing about your babies. Too cute. We look forward to reading more.
    Mrs. Hart

  2. Thanks for linking up - and NO you are not boring!
    I'm trying to lose weight these days. I'm making a real effort this time with my food (I usually just try to exercise more). Part of the struggle is that my husband keeps wanting to buy me ice cream or shakes in the evening. Argh.

  3. Sorry I am late coming over, but welcome the meme! You aren't boring, and kudos to you for being healthy!



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