Monday, September 12, 2011

2 weeks on my phone

I didn't link up last week so I'm sharing 2 weeks worth of photos!

Playing with ice

We're working on motor skills...and keeping him occupied :)

*sigh* He's 8mo...this was one of the first times he pulled up by himself.


We had to add locks to the freezer...

My Shakeology Shaker!!! SUPER EXCITED

He ran into a door...really

All better

Eating oatmeal

He likes it!


So proud of himself

What's in here?

He was laughing at me

This is how he fell asleep

Getting out was difficult...

Ceiling, wall, accent wall.

Super scary fire

The road to my house

My backyard (it got put out that night)

Riding in the stroller at the zoo

It totally attacked him! Like, walked over and pecked him.

You can't tell it probably needed stitches.....

Covered in bananas and strawberries.

"Take picture Franklin!!" Okay baby!

I love this link up!!


  1. What a lovely little picture story of your past two weeks! Your boys are sweet, love the little one's nappies - mine are in cloth too (well only at night for Imogen now!) but it's very rarely hot enough here to show them off. Hope the fires don't come to close!

  2. poor baby with the head injury!!! :( And that's crazy that y'all have to have locks on the fridge! I never thought about that with kids!

    Thanks for linking up again!!!



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